Friday, July 7, 2017

Block Busters!

Hurray for July!  Isn't this year going by quickly?  I was in Oklahoma visiting my mom on July 1st.  I just had to borrow her computer to find out what the new color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was!  Couldn't wait til I could get home to my stash and get started.
As you can see I've been piecing away the hot days.
The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for July is blue, and these above are my Buckeye Beauty blocks.  Four of them are made from real vintage feedsacks, and four of them are made from 1930s reproduction fabrics.
This one is cut from feedsacks ...
and this one is repros.  Gotta love the chicken print in the four patches.
Now for the houses!  I really got carried away this month.  I just have so many blue scraps!  In the center of this photo is my favorite, a bookworm house.  I'm sure you can't see it, but the little bookworm is holding up a sign that says "Let's Read!"  Thus warming this librarian's heart.
It's always Halloween at this house, with characters from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
This one was pieced on the 4th of July.  Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!
Parrots on the roof?  The address here must be Margaritaville.
Star Wars house, for two of my grandchildren who are HUGE fans.
Sharks!  Don't even think about ringing the doorbell!
Golf club house in the center.  I don't golf, but I had the fabric.
Trains live here, even though it's not a roundhouse.
Of course there's a doghouse.  And paw prints in the sky.
Duckies!  Once upon a time, duckies were my grandson Henry's favorite thing in the world.
Another orange door, to go with this dotty house.  Did you catch the bookworms on the roof?
Fish, and a fire engine.  The letter of the day must be F.
I actually made TWELVE houses this month.  I just couldn't stop.  Maybe this is getting out of control.
Okay, one last block.
This is the June block for Pat Sloan's Children's Library Quilt.  (If you scroll down after you click the link, you can get to the earlier blocks.)  I changed the block slightly, by replacing the center 4 patch with a 4.5 in. square. 
What should be at the center of any children's library?  Children!  My center square is a print with lots of cute kids.
Also, this happened.
The raspberries are ripe!  I'm picking about a quart a day of the red, and half that of the black.
Summer is so delicious.
Time for a glass of iced tea and a good book.
Have a wonderful week!
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