Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oops! Found another one!

I almost forgot about this one.  It was in the box with the others to go to the post office tomorrow.  I'm mailing another batch to Quilts for Kids.  The yellow and green squares are from the bags.  This time, I made the 4 patches and then cut them down to 6.5 in.  The alternate blocks are cut 6.5 in. square, of course.  They came from the leftovers my daughter had after making Henry's curtains.  There are 15 four patches and 15 baby animals blocks.  This is just like the free pattern on the Quilts for Kids site, except I didn't do a narrow inner border.  I'm not all that happy with the quilting in the border, but (sigh) it's done, and it will go to a child who needs it.
Today I'm going shopping!  I'm out of good quality batting, plus I need unbleached muslin for Heartstrings blocks and some sewing machine oil for the upstairs treadle.  Who knows what else I might find?  And, I have a COUPON.

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