Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tis the Season!

People around here often joke about the seasons (it's either that or cry).  We say there are two seasons in Wisconsin, winter and construction.  For quilters, there is quilt show season and everything else.  Quilt shows tend to start around here in the spring, taper off into summer, and get into full swing again in the fall.
The first show I usually go to each year is the Sun Prairie Quilt Show, usually held near the end of March or early in April.  Here's their web site:  Sun Prairie Quilt Show 
There are pictures on the web page of the winners for this year.
My friend Debbie lives in Madison, and we like to meet at the Sun Prairie show every year.  She makes beautifully colorful quilts (she's an artist), and one of the vendor booths always features these exquisite Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  They gave me permission to take pictures of them.
Aren't they amazing?  Any one of these would look good just framed on the wall.
This isn't really what I like to make, but I do love the inspiration.  Check out Kaffe Fassett's web site here:  Kaffe Fassett Studio 

The show itself was fun, but we're not allowed to post any pictures of the entries (of course).  I did take a couple of snap shots of the other vendors.
What do you think we did first?  Shopping, of course!
I bought a couple of yards of fabric for charity quilts (at $5.99 per yard), and picked up an old magazine on the free table.
Later we went to J. J. Stitches in downtown Sun Prairie, which is my favorite quilt shop on the planet.  It's just like walking back in time.  I went a little overboard on the repro fabrics.  I wasn't going to buy any more, except yardage to put together scrap quilts, but some of the deals were just too good.
Don't forget to support your local quilt shop.  We are so lucky to have them.

Next up:  The It's A Stitch Quilt Guild Show, May 3 and 4th, 2014.  That's next weekend!  Here's a link to their web page for all the details:  It's A Stitch Quilt Guild Show
Tis the season!  Hurray!

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