Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Do I Have So Many UFOs?

 This is UFO #4.  Not a space ship, an Un-Finished Object.  Sadly, the number does not mean I only have 4 UFOs (insert maniacal laughter here).  It's just the number on the list for our quilt group's UFO challenge.

Just about every year or two, Colleen finds a UFO challenge for us, to help reduce the giant pile of neglected projects gathering dust in our homes.  (I'm just speaking from my personal experience here.  Not everybody has a giant pile.  Probably.)
This year's challenge is pretty simple.  Make a list of a maximum of 8 UFOs.  Number them.  Then come to the quilt group meeting, where Colleen will pick a number from a hat.  Work on the project with that number.
There are of course a few rules.  The project has to have been already started to get on the list.  And the project must be completely finished to count towards the prize at the end.  (Of course there's a prize!)  For each completed project, the quilt maker gets one chance toward the prize drawing.  More completed projects, more chances to win.
This started at the March meeting last week, where the #4 was drawn.  My #4 was a group of blocks that I called Four Patch Cross.  I started this project in an antique mall.  In my defense, it was already a UFO when I found it.
Here is a close up of one of the blocks.  The four patches in the corners were in a bag at the antique mall, along with cut squares.  They were mostly sewn by hand with black thread.  I added reproduction fabrics for the cross and the square in the center.  When I ran out of four patches I made more from the squares in the bag.
Sometimes I had enough for all 4 of the four patches, and sometimes I didn't.  I just did the best I could with what I had, like the previous quilt maker had done.
I am setting the blocks with a wide sashing made of shirting print, and red cornerstones.  It's sort of clunky, but I like it.
Check out my row labels--post its, pinned on.  I use these for several quilts, until they wear out.

So as I'm sewing the sashing strips for ufo#4, I realize I don't have a current leaders and enders project. 
For more on Leaders and Enders, check out books by Bonnie Hunter.  Here's a link to the latest one:
  More Adventures with Leaders and Enders

So what would be a good Leaders and Enders project?  Let's look in the scrap drawers in the closet.
Maybe I shouldn't have opened this drawer.  I am not sure I can get it shut again.  These are my 1.5 in. wide strips.  I haven't done anything with them in a long time, but  I've kind of been thinking about a log cabin quilt.
This book was in my quilt book collection; The Ultimate Half Log Cabin Book, by Sharyn Craig.  Hmm.
It wouldn't hurt to try out a block, would it?
This was fun!  I can use up lots of short strips and pieces!  I have great fabrics!
There are all sorts of interesting ways to set these blocks together.  This one is straight furrows.
Here's sunshine and shadow.

Or what about this one?

Wait a second ... What just happened?
I have 10 of these little blocks made, and I still haven't finished the sashing for UFO #4!

I am really having a good time, though.

Have a good time this week.

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