Friday, April 8, 2016

More Leftovers

Big Scraps, Little Scraps is finished!
It's on the bed in the extra room, ready for a visitor or just for the cat to nap on.
Here's the back.  You can see the border here, too.  It's a brown print on the front and this rusty red on the back.  All of the fabrics came out of my stash.  Even so, it really didn't make a dent in what I have.  Guess I just need to keep sewing!
I didn't forget the finishing touch--a label.

When I finish a quilt, I like to take stock of what I have and figure out what I need to work on next.  That means sorting through things in the closet.
Cleaning out the closet reminds me of cleaning out the refrigerator.  No matter how organized I try to be, there always seem to be leftovers lurking in the back that I have completely forgotten about.  Old food has to go down the garbage disposal, but quilt pieces thankfully don't spoil.
In a plastic zip lock bag, I found 7 of these blocks plus more cut pieces.  I have made this particular pattern over and over for charity quilts, and I'm not always counting the blocks as I work, so it wasn't surprising that I would have extras.  I could see why I hadn't made more blocks, however.  The fabrics in the bag were dull, and so were the blocks.   This was an easy fix.  I made 23 more blocks with bright fabrics, and mixed the dull blocks in.
We had just been to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, so I was thinking of that when I added the sea turtle print border.
Here it is, quilted and bound in a dotted red print.

I always like to have a leaders and enders project going, so I don't waste any time or thread (thank you, Bonnie Hunter).  One of the other leftovers filled that job.
There was a whole bag of these half square triangles in the closet.  Some of them probably came from a quilt I made for my grandson Henry a couple of years ago, but I actually can't remember where the others came from.
I trimmed the hsts down to 2.5 in. squares, and added white squares and a print center to make these little blocks.  The pattern is similar to Double Hour Glass (Brackman #1687a).

I've almost got enough of these blocks done for a small quilt.  So I guess I need to look for another project to finish.  Wonder if I'll ever run out?

I wish you the joy of sewing this week.


  1. These are beautiful. The patchwork back is an extra special touch.

    1. Thank you! I used up a lot of big scraps that way.

  2. Your star quilt looks awesome! Great job!!!!


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