Saturday, June 11, 2016

Getting Ready for Grandma Daycare

Here's our new grand baby Adam, three weeks old today.  Isn't he amazing?  After all these years, I still can't get over the miracle of new life.
We were lucky enough to babysit him yesterday evening while his mama and big brother went to a movie and his daddy hooked up a new washer and dryer.
When my daughter goes back to work, we'll be babysitting for real, so I am trying to get ready for Grandma (and Grandpa) daycare.  The pack and play is ready, with a new mattress (meant for a pack and play and very firm), and I've learned how to make fitted sheets for it.
This one is stretch knit, in a jungle print similar to his quilt.
Here's the stack of what I've made lately.  The crumbled-up thing in front is another stretch knit sheet.  I never can fold these, it just doesn't happen. 
I made six more burp cloths, using flannel and terry cloth.  When I ran out of blue terry cloth, I bought a fluffy white towel and used that.  It should soak up a lot of whatever.
I don't usually worry about having receiving blankets on hand.  As I recall, they were fairly useless when I had my kids.  We didn't swaddle then, and when my oldest grandson was born nearly eleven years ago we just could not figure out how to do the swaddling thing.  Wrap here, tuck there, and somehow or other the baby's feet were always hanging out at the end.  Now there are specially made swaddling sleepers, and they are super easy to do, like stuffing the kid into a soft little burrito.
I did want a few of these blankets, though, because it's summer, and even here in Wisconsin we eventually use the air conditioning.  A light blanket made of a single thin layer of flannel is just the ticket.
I had these receiving blankets in my stash, from a box I bought on Ebay.  This was a box lot of problems/mistakes from a factory.  Over the years, I've used most of this stuff to make quilts, but these two blankets were nearly whole, so I didn't cut into them.  All they needed was a little trimming and hemming, so I finally did that.  The colors are not especially fashionable, but I don't think little Adam will care.
Lastly, I made 10 of these flannel cloths.  I'm going to try being Eco-Grandma, and use cloth wipes instead of disposable.  (We'll see how this goes.)  They are also good for wash cloths, and to place in a strategic place when changing a boy's diaper.  When my daughter saw them yesterday, she was interested in them, so I gave her half the stack.
I dipped into my "weird" flannel stash for some of these.  Another Ebay find from way back when, these squares were already cut from some vintage flannel prints.  Lots of babies, and storks, but thankfully no clowns.  (My daughter is creeped out by clowns.)
I won't say we're totally ready yet.  I still need to get a bottle warmer and a base for the car seat, and probably some more binkies in case we lose one.  (The Binkie Crisis was almost a daily occurrence when Adam's brother was a baby.)   I should make at least one more fitted sheet, because I know you can run through more than a couple in a day. 
Only 3 weeks left!  Time to get to work!
Thank goodness there's always a dog around to help!

I wish you joy, this week and always.


  1. What a lucky baby to have so much Grandma gear! It all looks great, and you've certainly been busy! You mentioned Wisconsin, so I clicked on your profile. Turns out we are very close to each other! I live in Slinger!! I blog at Come over and say hello, neighbor!


    1. Wow! Hi, Tami! I will check out the blog.

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