Friday, July 29, 2016

Daisy Quilt Finish

Hello!  I'm back this week, with a quilt finish made possible by my friend Joey.
I'm calling this quilt Summer Daisy.
I bought the petals on Ebay many years ago.  They were already cut out, and the edges were hand-basted, ready for applique.  I top-stitched them to background blocks, and added a stem made from purchased binding.
Some of the fabrics are really weird.  Check out the Bambi-like deer in the flower above.  The fabrics date to the 1950s and 1960s.
I finished this top literally years ago, and it was in my stack of shame when Joey last visited.  We pieced a back, and she took it home to quilt for me.
Isn't the quilting wonderful?  It was done by Joey on her long arm machine.
She did a kind of loop de loop in the sashing and border that really sets them off.  Thank you, Joey!

 I still have to sew the binding down.  I'll be doing that this week, while waiting for supper to cook, or during the baby's naps, if he takes any.  He's still too little to have a set schedule yet.
I also have a flimsy finish!  These are the nine patch blocks I made with vintage prints and solid colors (vintage or new).  I added a simple border of squares.
There are 99 blocks in the quilt, 9 across and 11 down.  I alternated between blocks with 5 print squares and blocks with 5 solid squares.
Many of these prints are from the 1930s.  We tend to think of the 30s fabrics as pastels, but there were lots of crayon box shades then, too, especially in solid colors.
All of this has put me in a vintage mood, so I started working on this.
I bought a bag of vintage scraps at the last Elkhorn flea market.
Here's what was in it!  Lots and lots of scraps, mostly from the 1930s.

I am going really Old School on this lot.  In the foreground of this picture, you may be able to see two red plexiglass templates.  One is an equilateral triangle, and one is a right triangle.  The templates are designed to be used with a rotary cutter, but they're not very big, and I don't really like using the cutter for these small shapes.  (Blood is just so messy, and I don't want to spend the evening in the Emergency Room.)  So I'm actually Drawing Around the Templates and Cutting the Shapes with Scissors.  Not very modern of me, of course.  (Neither is sewing with a treadle.  But I digress.)
When I first learned to quilt, this was the way it was done, although our templates were not made of such nice stuff, usually just cardboard like cereal boxes.
I'm making progress!  I've got a stack of each kind of triangle, plus a pile of tiny pieces I might use for something, and a pile of shreds that need to be thrown out.  I've been listening to speeches on television while I work, but I can imagine the original owner of these scraps tracing and cutting while Benny Goodman plays on the radio, or President Roosevelt comes on for a Fireside Chat.

We have had the best of weather today, a rain shower that watered the gardens and cleared the air, and lovely summer sunshine.  August starts next week, and summer will be on the way out.

I wish you the joy of summer today, and of course the joy of quilting.
I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts today for Finish it Up Friday.


  1. Oh dear - "stack of shame" seems a bit harsh. But you have finished the daisy quilt at last, and it looks great!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Maybe I should just call them my quilt tops in waiting? There are just so many of them, and some have been waiting a long long time.


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