Friday, June 16, 2017

Red Clover Do Over

After more than two years, I finally finished this top!  (And look, artistic outdoor photos!  Well, sort of.)
Being red and green, it makes us think of Christmas, but I was more inspired by antique quilts than by the holidays.
Red and green is a classic combination, and there are lots of great books about red and green quilts.  Most of the quilts in the books are appliqued, however.
I took the pattern for this quilt from an antique quilt, and changed it to suit myself.  Click HERE to go to the original article and the pattern.  I called my version Red Clover.
When I last posted about this quilt (in 2015!), I thought I was almost done making the top.  The blocks were made, the sashings were made, I just needed to make the cornerstones and put it all together.
Sadly, that didn't go so well.
It's my own fault.  The blocks were drafted to be 12 in. finished.  I didn't MEASURE them, I just ASSUMED they were right.  And we all know what happens when you assume.  Somehow I was about .25 of an inch off, probably from slightly too-large seam allowances.
I was trying to hurry through the process.  When the long strips of sashings didn't fit, I just kept going, even when I got tucks.  Tucks!!
Sanity finally returned, and I saw what I had done.  Kind of like Dr. Jekyll waking up from being Mr. Hyde.  The whole thing was depressing, so I just folded it all up and stored it in the closet.
About two months ago, I got the project out, and took my trusty seam ripper in hand.  I ripped the sashings out while watching TV.  This week I trimmed them to size, and put the top together.
So it's done!  Now on to the quilting.

In other news, the garden is loving the hot weather and the thunderstorms we've been having lately.
The basil and strawberries are doing well.
And the sage is blooming.  I love purple!

Have a wonderful week, doing the things you love.

I'm linking up as usual with Crazy Mom Quilts and Busy Hands Quilts.  Check out all the great blogs!


  1. It turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I still have to quilt it, hope I can do a decent job.

  2. Nice job Sylvia! Hope the pain of ripping it apart has been soothed by a top laying flat! Almost a finish...just keep quilting!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I can't wait to see what you've been working on. Hope you're coming Wednesday night!

  3. Red Clover is beautiful! Our garden is doing well too. We're have rain every two or three days.

    1. Hurray for all the joys of summer gardens!

  4. Red Clover is beautiful! Our garden is doing well too. We're have rain every two or three days.

  5. Love the simple red and green on your Red Clover quilt. My garden is doing great, but my husband has been working a lot and hasn't had time to fix my rototiller. Hopefully today will be the day. The tiller helps me take care of the "big weeds" in the rows. He bought some new implements this past year and just made "new" gardens for me since my old garden is a safe fenced-in area for the chickens I started three years ago. You know how it takes a few years to get rid of the "big weeds". Happy gardening!

    1. Thanks, Kathy S.! Good luck on the big weeds. I've often wished I could have chickens here, but no room, and hubby is not a big fan of the idea.

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