Friday, January 18, 2013

Quilts For Kids

Quilts for Kids is an organization that distributes crib-sized quilts to kids in need.  Quilters can request a kit online, which will be sent to you.  You agree to complete the quilt in 6 weeks and send it back.  The quilts usually go to kids in hospitals, but sometimes they are given to kids in emergency situations, such as after Hurricane Sandy.
Here's the link to their web site:
A couple of years ago several of us from the Ties That Bind Quilt Guild in Slinger, Wisconsin, sent off for the kits and made them.  The fabrics were good quality and really cute, the directions were easy and fast to make, and I enjoyed making them. Everything for the top is included, plus the backing.  You supply the batting.  I can't remember if the binding was included or not. Just a warning--they do keep track, and they remind you through email when the six weeks are almost up. 
They also ask for "stash quilts", by which they mean quilts made from your stash rather than the kits.  Recently they put out a call for more quilts, with a horrifying picture of nearly empty shelves.  (Many of their quilts had gone to the hurricane victims.)  This was the push I needed to make a few more.
They have a few rules, which are on the web site.  It's a good idea to read through them before sending them any quilts. There are also a few patterns on their web site.
Here's what I'm sending out as soon as I can get them packaged up:

By now you can probably tell my idea of a quilt "pattern" is more of a recipe than a printed out pattern.  I usually just make traditional blocks and set them together.  But I know how handy it is to have a printed pattern to go by, especially if you're working in a group setting.  So I'm providing patterns for each of these easy quilts.  Experienced quilters may not need a pattern for these at all, but it's helpful to know the dimensions of the quilt, size of the blocks, etc.
The first quilt is a simple 4-patch.  I've written a quick pattern for it, as a test for other patterns I plan to include.  The link below will take you to it.
If you try this link, could you comment and let me know how it works for you?  I'm still fiddling around with this stuff.
Have a quilty weekend!

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