Monday, May 13, 2013


These three tulips (plus a peony bush that hasn't bloomed yet) are the only flowers I have outside.  They are blooming in what was once a rose garden.  After the trees grew up and it got too shady for the roses, I replaced them with red raspberries.  We have a nice little crop every year.
When these tulips bloom, I always think about tulip quilts.  There are so many good patterns, some for pieced quilts but most for applique.
I dug out my tulip projects the other day.  I have one spot left on my Pick Six list.  Which one of these should I decide to finish?
Candidate #1: Tulip Wreath
These nice little blocks were probably made in the 1920s or 1930s.  There are 10 of them, in various stages of completion.  I bought them on Ebay years ago.  Since they are made of solid colors and even the greens don't match, it would be easy to use scraps to finish the blocks and make a few more.  They are only about 10 in. square, so probably 9.5 in. finished.

Candidate #2: Eleanor Burns' Tulip Quilt

I made a quilt from this pattern in 1992.  These are the colors I used, pasted into the book like the directions said.  All the blocks were the same.  They were set on point with a pink/green/cream print.  The quilt was fast and easy to put together (of course!  it's Eleanor Burns!).  At the time I thought I'd like to make this pattern again, with scraps of reds and yellows for the flowers.

Candidate #3:  Purple Tulips
The picture above is how this project came to me, from Ebay.  There are 36 tulips appliqued by hand onto a piece of off-white muslin.  The stem is embroidered, and there are embroidered details on the tulips and the leaves.  I only paid $10.00 for it!
Here's what I started doing with the purple tulips.  I cut them out of the muslin, and added triangles from vintage fabrics.  The blocks finish at 10.5 in.  I'm not quite sure how I would set them, either side by side or with a solid purple sashing.  Or is that too much purple?

Candidate #4:  Pink tulips quilt top

Another Ebay find.  I bought the blocks years ago, and set them with green and cream.  I added a border made from the green.  All it needs is quilting (and binding).  But I think it needs to be hand quilted, and I already have a hand quilting project on my Pick Six list.

So, which one to do?  Isn't this a great problem to have?  However I choose, I'll end up with a pretty quilt.

What is inspiring you this spring?


  1. Sylvia,

    I vote for the....Purple tulips - square in a square. Certainly you have enough purple to do the sashing??
    Nancy P.

    1. Hi, Nancy! I was thinking of a solid purple, although it probably wouldn't match the tulips. I have a whole box of solid purple. Or I could buy some. Solids are usually cheaper than prints! See you tomorrow night?

    2. Sylvia, How about a triple sashing with nine patch blocks in each corner. Then you could use your purples, other prints and/or more whites...Yes, Quilt Guild on Wednesday.
      Want a ride??

  2. I would finish the purple tulips, I love them! I love all of these quilts!

    1. Hi, Missy! That's my problem, too--I love all my projects!


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