Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice Mystery Progress

I finished the last 3 blocks last night, after Downton Abbey, and this photo is the blocks laid out on the floor.  I made them 2 at a time, the A block and the B block, so I could see how they would look as I sewed.  I'm hoping to sew them together today, but it might be too cold in the basement to get this done.  We're at 13 below this morning, so no school today for our grandson.  He and Grandpa just took a squirt gun outside to see if they could make ice crystals.  (I'm told it didn't work perfectly, but was a fun experiment anyway.)

You might have noticed something peculiar about my blocks.  This is the second block, the one I think of as Block B.   The chevrons were supposed to go in the center of each side.  I tried that.  It didn't work for me, because my chevrons were not very well made.  Okay, they were terrible.  Most if not all of the places where seams should match up didn't, points were cut off, it was dreadful.  So I just replaced the chevrons with shirting squares cut 3.5 in. square.  Maybe I'll use the chevrons for a doll quilt (or a dog quilt?).

There are so many things I really love about this quilt.
I love the interlocking circles of this pattern.
I love the touches of orange.  This surprised me.  I don't usually put a lot of orange in my quilts.
I love the stars.  I've always wanted to make a quilt with these stars.
I loved getting the clues on Friday mornings, and linking up on Monday.
I loved seeing what everybody else was doing, especially all the amazing colors.
I love using my scraps and yardage I had on hand (although I was getting a little worried when I used up the very last of my orange fabric).
I love Bonnie's clear directions.  (It isn't her fault I can't make chevrons.)
I loved the surprise of the reveal.  It was like getting another Christmas present.

Now I have to figure out what to do after I get the blocks together.  If I follow the pattern, I'll have a square quilt.  When I was a kid I slept under a square quilt, and it was not fun--not long enough to tuck in and always falling off the bed.  So I need to do something different.  Hmm.

Stay warm today.  Keep calm and sew on!

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  1. Sylvia,I love your quilt very much love the plain squares you subbed in place of the chevrons. Now I might make another one using your idea. I'm not making my quilt as wide,I want it longer so will move the extra blocks to the length.

  2. Love it! By not using the chevrons you have really allowed the orange peel effect to take centre stage. :)


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