Monday, December 14, 2015

Allietare, Part 3

 This was a fun clue!  Very easy, just 4 patches and a little cutting.  I can finally use the cat fabric.  I have had it in my stash for years.
I like lots of variety (can you tell?), so I put the "slices" next to the sewing machine and mixed and matched them to make the 4 patches.  I chose a wide range of golds, from more or less yellow to almost brown.
As usual, I sewed 10 at a time, and took the string of patches to the ironing board.  It's good for me to get up every so often.
I'm keeping track by pinning the 4 patches in groups of 10.  Even I can do that much math!
There, all done!

Let's see what we've got so far...
It's starting to look like something!  Can't wait for clue #4!

In other news, when Joey was here last weekend we worked on making stars.  She was going a mile a minute, and I was just poking along, picking and choosing the colors for each block.  We had a great time, and this week I finished the quilt top.

 Isn't this fun?  It's a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern.  I can't remember the name, sorry.

I really like this block.  It has everything from Spongebob to duckies.
But this is my favorite block.  Joey made it, in an entirely different pattern, but with the same fabrics I was using. It fits right in.
This will be a charity quilt.  I'm  not sure if I will try to quilt it, or if I'll just give the top to our amazing long arm quilting crew.  It's a good size, 46 in. x 60 in.

It has been so much fun seeing all the other quilters' progress on Allietare!  People from all over the world are making this pattern and chatting about it.  And all of it is thanks to the generosity of Bonnie Hunter.
Thanks, Bonnie!

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  1. lively neutrals, your quilt will be way fun!

  2. The cat fabric is very cute. It's fun to use something that has been in your stash for ever. Oldest date I found on a selvedge for this clue was 2000, but I know some was older than that.

  3. I love the cat print and envy your variety of fabrics!

  4. Fabulous units for Allietore! Love your variety in the four patches. The star blocks are wonderful, some of us seem to have to ponder each fabric as we add it :)

  5. Your cat fabric makes me smile! Very nice work!

  6. My goodness, I love that cat fabric! How fun to finally use it. Looking good!


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