Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scraps of Fabric, Scraps of Time

Hurray!  Not only is the Pyramids quilt all in one piece, it is quilted!
I'm still working on the binding, so the dark blue edge you can see in the photos will be much smaller when I'm done.
After dithering for a week or so, I did some very simple quilting in the borders.
I used masking tape to mark straight lines, and quilted on either side of it.
Just for fun, I added a serpentine stitch next to each straight line.  It's hard to see here, sorry.
I've had lots of help this week!  Here's my youngest grandson playing on the "terrible" quilt I finished a few weeks ago.  I'm liking this quilt more now that I'm using it.  It's still badly made, but the baby doesn't care, so neither do I.
Biddy the cat had to get into the act, too.  I was (finally) binding the Daisy quilt on the kitchen table when he decided to take a nap in it.  I think of the Daisy quilt as a "sister" to the Pyramids quilt since they have the same backing fabric.
In other news, I finished sewing the rows together for the red rail fence quilt.  It's in two pieces, ready for me to find a vintage backing in the basement and start quilting.

Here's a short tutorial on joining rows with sashing and no cornerstones, like the red rail fence.
First, sew a long sashing to a row of blocks.
Next, using a ruler and a pencil, make a mark on the sashing where the seams would line up.  This is what I'm doing in the photo below.

Make small marks, that will be in the seam allowance when the next row is sewn on.
You can barely see the marks in the photo above.
Now line up the sashing seams in the next row with these marks, and pin.  Stitch.
If all goes well, your vertical sashings will line up across the whole quilt.

I'm still finding time to sew, even with my busier schedule, although I may not get around to blogging every week.  I really love reading all the blog posts and seeing what everybody is up to at Crazy Mom Quilts and Busy Hands Quilts.  
I'm linking up there today.
I'm wishing you warm hugs and flying needles this week.


  1. The colors of the fabrics in your pyramid quilt are so cheery and lovely. Your grandson is a handsome little guy! Wendy at

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Myra! He's a good old friend.


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