Saturday, March 11, 2017

Blazing Red

I belong in this bananas house today.  Not only is it usually bananas around here, but I bought a bargain package of said fruit and will be mashing and freezing and cooking them this afternoon.
As I'm sure you've already guessed, these are my red blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, which you can read about HERE.
I'm making two quilts.  The first one is a house quilt with 6 in. blocks, using lots of novelty prints.  I didn't think I had very many red ones.
I did manage to find bananas, hearts, and sewing patterns (the first group of 4), and pirates, sports, Hershey's kisses, and dogs.  Of course there had to be at least one dog house! They are still outnumbered by the cats though.
Snoopy counts as a dog, too, right?  Who knew Snoopy was a pirate?  I made a pillow case from this fabric for my oldest grandson years ago.  Pirate Snoopy is coming out the door here.
This was a happy accident!  See the "chimney"?  It's actually the word "Wisconsin".  The fabric celebrates Wisconsin basketball.  Don't tell my husband.  We're Indiana grads, and Wisconsin beat us (bad!) the other night.

My second quilt is a little calmer (more boring?)
These Buckeye Beauty blocks are made with 1930s reproduction fabrics and/or actual feed sack scraps.
I made 7 of them, but I think I might make one more.
Some of these prints have a little personality, like the ducks and geese in these 4 patches.
Or the dogs with umbrellas in this feed sack remnant.  The poodle has an umbrella, because it's raining cats and dogs.  Yea, more dog blocks!

This challenge is so much fun.  Thanks to soscrappy for making it possible!

In other news, I have been (finally!) quilting some of the smaller quilts I've made.
I'm doing this on my domestic machine.  Small quilts of course are not a big problem.
But I do have a secret weapon.
Here it is:
This came with my machine, a Pfaff Select.  The manual calls it a "quilting guide".
These have been around forever.  Some treadles came with them back in the old days.  Most modern walking feet have them.
It attaches to the machine, and is adjustable.  You just tighten the screw when it's the width you need.
I often use it for quilting borders.  It keeps me from having to draw lines or use masking tape, etc.
Currently, this is my favorite attachment.

All these quilts will be donated either to local charities like Project Linus or to Quilts for Kids.
I've got to go find some shipping boxes.  Oh, and take care of all those bananas.

Have a happy scrappy Saturday!

I'm linking up with today's post on SoScrappy.
Check out all the great red blocks! 


  1. I like your houses and your red and white blocks.

  2. What a wonderful collection of RED blocks for the RSC and an AMAZING collection of charity quilts!!

    1. Thanks, Joyful Quilter! I have a lot to be thankful (and joyful!) about.

  3. I love your little houses, and I'm a Buckeye Beauty fan, too!

  4. The second set of blocks isn't more boring, just less novel. Both sets will make great quilts, just for different purposes. So many fun red novelty fabrics. I think I have the bananas in my own stash. Now I have a craving for banana bread.

    1. Mmm, banana bread! My husband wants banana cream pie. Gotta get baking!

  5. I envy your great stash of fun red fabrics. And thanks for including the Wisconsin banner. I'm from the Madison area and we do a lot of charity quilts here. You have a nice pile of Project Linus quilts. Mine seem to get done one at a time. Keep up the good work! Btw, I'm doing red houses too.

    1. Hi, Paula! Gotta love Wisconsin, and red houses!

  6. Love the house blocks - such a fun way to use up novelty scraps! And your Buckeye Beauty blocks are far from boring!

    1. Thanks, Angie! I love them both. Hurray for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!


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