Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grand Illusion, Part 1

Good morning!  I'm late to the link up, but happily I have clue #1 done and am ready for Friday's next clue.
I have two goals with this year's mystery (besides actually finishing it):
1.  Use only fabric I have on hand, with an emphasis on scraps.
2.  Use a different people-powered (treadle or hand crank) sewing machine for each clue.
For clue #1, I used my Singer 15 Treadle with the RAF decals.

As you can see, I am not using the recommended colors.  I am sure Bonnie's quilt will be wonderful, but turquoise, pink, and black are just not for me. Plus I have barely any scraps in those colors.  I was a little hesitant to make color changes, but all of the daring people from the Celtic Solstice mystery last year inspired me.
I kept the golden yellow, but I'm using several different prints.  I replaced the black with navy blue, the turquoise with light blue, and the pink with red.  So far, everything has come out of my scrap bins.
I used the Easy Angle ruler, because it works so well with strips.  Normally I would put a strip of each color right sides together and cut the triangles.  But because I wanted more variety, I just cut several layers of red (with the strips face up) and then several layers of blue (with the strips face down), and mixed and matched them at the sewing machine.
I didn't cut off the dog ears on the triangles until I had them pieced into a block or square.  Then I trimmed them even with the seam.
There, all trimmed.
So far, this has been fun!  Bonnie's directions are always so clear, and I love her scrappy style.
Wonder which machine I get to play with next?
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  1. I love that you are using all 'people powered' machines for this! Cool idea! Your colors look like they will play well together. Also glad I'm not the only one running a bit behind on the first clue.


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