Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sunshine and Shadow

The sunshine is streaming in here today, and I actually have finished another UFO.  It's a half log cabin quilt in a set called sunshine and shadow.

This is what the blocks look like.  I used 1.5 in. strips from my overflowing scraps to make them, way back in March of 2015.  Click HERE to go to the tutorial.

The blocks are set to create these on-point squares of light and dark.  I quilted concentric squares to emphasize the piecing.  I did the quilting on my domestic machine, one half of the quilt at a time.
Here's a shot of the border, binding, and back.  Most of the prints are 1800s reproductions, including the back, which I got on sale at J. J. Stitches in Sun Prairie.  It looks like old wallpaper to me.  Which of course means I love it.
I'm trying to get out of my red binding rut, so I went with black on this one.
The name of this pattern has always seemed appropriate to me, since all our lives have ups and downs, sunshine and shadow.  It has seemed even more relevant in recent days, with sunshine here and shadow hanging over my family members in Florida due to the upcoming hurricane.  If you're inclined to prayer, please include my three brothers and their families.
In other news, here's what else I'm working on.
I've got 3 baby-sized quilts ready to quilt.  These will go to Houston via Austin when done.  The Austin chapter of Linus Connection is making sure kids affected by Hurricane Harvey get donated quilts.  Click HERE to go to their web site for instructions and their address.
Loot!  This pile of wonders is what I bought at a flea market last weekend.  Fabric, yarn, and scraps!
These are my favorites--baggies of cut pieces and strips, plus a small stack of cat fabrics!  I'm already using some of these scraps in my rainbow scrap challenge quilt.
I'm going to go sew now, and keep an eye on the weather.
Be safe this week.
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  1. Definitely including your family in my prayers for those in Florida. I have a few cousins in Irma's path. They say they'll be fine but I'm still concerned.
    I know you're thrilled to finish a WIP, but you should be even happier with this one because it's really stunning. Don't you love when you find just the right backing for a quilt? Congrats on the sweet flea market finds. The only thing better than saving money on fabric is not paying money for fabric. Right?
    Have a great week

  2. Thanks, Mary! My family members are all okay, just without power etc. Hope yours are too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Myra! I'm inspired by you every week!


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