Thursday, June 27, 2013

Got food? Thank A Farmer

The Farmall Quilt
This is just a little quilt I made on a whim.  My friend Debbie and I went to the Sun Prairie Quilt Show in May, and I bought half a yard of fabric with pictures of  Farmall tractors.

I pulled fabrics from my stash to surround each of the photos I cut from the fabric.  It was fun finding fruits and veggies, etc.  I barely had enough of the black background/veggie fabric to use on 5 of the squares.

For the back, I cut 10.5 in. squares of food/farming fabric and pieced them together.  I added in the fabric printed to look like the Sears catalog, since that was so important on the farm for so long.

The quilting is simple, the batting is Soft and Toasty, and I got to use up some of my red cow fabric in the border.  The back includes chickens, cows, strawberries, cherries, seed packets, and nostalgic feed sacks.

It's important to be grateful for the farmers who provide us with our food.  I always look forward to summer mornings at the farmers market and fall days at the orchard.

I didn't exactly grow up on a farm, although we lived on a hog farm when I was in high school.  We never had a tractor, just a rototiller and an old truck.  My grandparents came from farms and always planted a garden in their suburban back yard.  And Mom's garden on the farm was about a acre of veggies that I didn't appreciate then.  (That might have had something to do with having to hoe it!)  I grow a garden now like my grandparents did.

What are you growing?

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