Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sticks and Stones Baby Quilt

I think I'm back on track with quilting.  The garden is in the ground, and we've got the bathroom painted.  There's lots more to do (isn't there always?) but I can take some time and energy for quilting.  Funny thing, when I spend time quilting, it seems to give me more energy.
Today I finished this little darling.  It's a charity quilt, made from a charm pack and some added fabrics.  The charm pack was donated to our quilt group by a lady who is moving on to other crafts from quilting and has no use for her lovely stash.  I just can't imagine being in that position (can you?) but we're very grateful for the fabrics.  Colleen and Joan L. put some coordinating squares with the charm pack (great choices, ladies!).  I added the white, the tiny yellow squares, and the borders/backing/batting/binding.
When you look at this quilt, it seems like the white pieces are sashing.  It's a trick!  The white strips and yellow squares are part of the block.  There are twelve blocks in this quilt, 3 across and 4 down.  The blocks measure 10 in. finished.
This picture shows a corner, so you can see the block more clearly.  Each block has 4 charm squares, all different.  To me, it looks like a present.  Or at least the way I used to draw a present in elementary school.
These are such cute fabrics!  I really love the monkeys and birds.

The pattern comes from Bonnie Hunter.  I scaled it down from a larger lap quilt.
Here's the link:  Sticks and Stones Quilt Pattern

As usual with the charity quilts, I quilted it in the ditch, with Warm and Natural batting, and bound it by machine.  I hope it will find a happy home with a child.

Carpe diem--seize the day!

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