Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rails and Squares--Oklahoma Bound

It's been hard to find time to quilt lately.  I have quite a backlog of charity quilts that need to be finished.  My wonderful quilt group is having a work day soon to make quilts for those in Oklahoma that need them, after the recent tornadoes.  As some of you know, I have family in Oklahoma.  I am very thankful that they are all safe and well.  You can guess that this cause would be near and dear to my heart.  I don't know if I can go to the work day, but I can make up some quilts to send.

I call this quilt Rails and Squares.  It's a variation on a couple of traditional patterns.  I thought it up myself, but it seems likely that somebody thought of it before.  I used bright fabrics from my bins.  The blocks are 9 in. square finished.
To make one block, cut 5 squares 3.5 in. x 3.5 in. of the same fabric.  In the block above, it's the blue with stars.  To make the rails blocks, you need 3 strips, each 1.5 in. wide by at least 15 in. long.  I used two brights and one light, with the light strip in the middle.
Make a strip set with the 1.5 in. wide strips.  In this case I sewed the orange to the light to the red.  I pressed the seams toward the bright fabrics (away from the light strip).  Then I cut 3.5 in squares from the strip set.
Now it's just a nine patch.  I placed my rails blocks so that one color surrounded the center square (in this case, orange).  I just liked it this way.  It looks a little more complex, or something.  Just sew the rows together, matching the corners.
For this small quilt, I made 12 blocks and set them side by side, without sashing.  At that point, it measured 27 in. x 36 in. (finished).  Then I added a 3.5 in wide border, for a finished quilt size of 34 in. x 43 in.
Here's one of my favorite blocks.  I just love the happy frogs!  In a couple of places, I didn't quite have enough of one fabric, so I substituted another.

The batting is Warm and Natural.  I quilted a 3.5 in grid in the ditch, and bound it by machine.

In these pictures, it's just off the clothesline, so it's got a few creases than will settle out.

Well, that's one done, anyway!  Why aren't my bins getting emptier?


  1. Really cute, Sylvia - and an easy one to put together.

  2. What an easy but pretty quilt!

  3. Thanks, folks! I love easy patterns. And if they're quick to make, I can make more!


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