Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dusty Sisters For Sale List

I am so sorry I didn't get this done yesterday.  I was babysitting my sweet granddaughter part of the day.  The poor little babe was sick, nothing serious, but running a low fever.  We read books (lots of books!) and she fell asleep on my lap.  Later her brother and I played and colored while her mom looked after her.  By the time I got home I was too tired to even look at the machines.  Plus there was dinner to get, dishes to wash, and a grandson to help with homework.  I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining.  I know how lucky I am to be part of my grandchildren's lives.
Anyway, I went through the machines today, and identified which ones I am keeping and which ones are for sale.  I'll do a post on each one separately, with photos, but this is the list. 
All of these machines are original handcranks.  VS stands for vibrating shuttle.  TS stands for transverse shuttle.  I used to sew often with the Kohler and the Gritzer, but haven't for years.

1.  Kohler VS, works, missing a slide plate.  Some rust, cosmetically challenged.  Has a case that says Dinselmann on the side.  See the full post.

2.  Gritzner VS, works, missing a slide plate.  Has a case.  See the full post.

3.  Another Gritzner?  This one has a globe logo.  A VS.  No case, just a base.

4.  Ideal, might be New Home???  Leaf tension.

5.  Bradbury VS, British machine, broken base, some rust.

6.  TS machine, great base, probably German, some rust.

7.  Black painted chain stitch machine, I think some parts are missing, probably won't sew.

All of these machines are priced to sell at $20.00 each, cash and carry.  I also have some parts machines I would gladly give away (mostly Singers) and several sewing machine drawers.  Nice ones for $5.00 each, sadder ones for $2.00.  (The sad ones are from a very weathered White treadle.)
Let me know, either in the comments or through Facebook if you're interested.
Maybe I'll have room for the ones I'm keeping!

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  1. I'm interested in your TS machine, or your Kohler, or possibly both! I live in Milwaukee (on the south side) so it's no problem to come pick it up. Could you email me at christinemarycarey at gmail dot com? Thanks!


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