Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I haven't sewn a stitch in days!  We have had a lovely week of spring break here, with family gatherings, outings, babysitting, and a sleepover.  Since my upstairs sewing room is technically what we laughingly call a guest room, I had to clean it up so it could be used.  
I took these pictures after our company left.  The only thing I had done was open the sewing machine and put the belt back on the flywheel.

This is the machine I currently have in the cabinet.  She's an RAF Singer from the 1930s.  I'm not sure if she's a 15 or a 115.  I bought her at the first Loosen and Lube TOGA in Barron, Wisconsin at a wonderful antique store/junk shop.  I did the motorectomy before we even got home.  She's reliable and hard working.

The other treadle in the room is a Willcox and Gibbs with the butterfly pedal.  Her cabinet needs a little work.    And of course I've got stuff stacked all over her.

This is the messiest part of the room (if you don't look in the closet).  The bookshelf holds my collection of vintage quilt patterns, some books, and my Willcox and Gibbs hand crank.
I just had to take these pictures while I could.  I know it won't look this good again until just before my mom comes to visit this summer.
I'm lucky to have a sunny spare room to sew in.  It's usually not too cluttered.  The real mess is down two flights of stairs.  As they said in a terrible old move, "Don't Look In The Basement!"  (runs shrieking from the room).

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