Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kohler Hand Crank Sewing Machine for Sale

 Here's my Kohler hand crank, ready for a new home.  She's a vibrating shuttle machine.
 This is the original hand crank.  I've always loved that funky arrow.
 This is where the missing slide plate would go.  I have no idea why the slide plate is missing.  There is a tiny lever to push that pops the shuttle out.  The decals are not in perfect shape.
 This is the cubby hole in the base.  There is no cover for it.
 Why it came with the Dinselmann cover I don't know.  The lettering is really cool.
Here is a detail shot of the top of the cover.

Three bobbins come with it.  I used to sew with this machine a lot.  In those days, I put a flexible magnet over the place where the slide plate should be.
You will probably have to work with the tensions to get her sewing perfectly again.
I'm asking $20.00.  Pick up ONLY.
I hope she finds a good home where she'll be appreciated.  I have neglected her sadly.


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