Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last Posts About Hand Cranks for Sale

These are my last posts about the hand cranks I'd like to sell.  First, an update--Christine took 2 off my hands, the Bradbury and the German TS (thanks, Christine!), and Leonore has claimed the Minnesota.
Here's what's left--
1.  The Kohler (see previous post).
2.  The Gritzner (see previous post).
3.  The Ideal (pictures in this post)
4.  A VS with globe decals (pictures in next post)
5.  A chainstitch door stop (pictures in next post).
All of these are original hand cranks.  All except the chainstitcher are VS machines.  And all except the chainstitcher will probably sew.  The Kohler and the Gritzner have sewn well for me, and the Ideal has a leaf tension which I never mastered.  I don't think I ever tried the one with the globe decals, and the chainstitcher is missing parts and definitely will not sew.
I'll leave them up here for a week, and if there's no interest I'll list them on Ebay.  The price is $20 each, except for the chainstitcher.  It's in worse shape than I remembered, so I'm offering it free to a good home.  As stated before, these are all pick up only.  I CANNOT ship them, sorry.  I will hold for a pony express, though.  Thanks for looking!

The Ideal:

 Nice decals.
 Some rust and wear.

 Hand crank in great shape, folds in to fit in the lid.

 The lid has been repaired, as you can see below, but it was done well.

 Lots of attachments, some rust.
 Fifteen bobbins!  Plus the one in the machine!  Three or four of them are rusty, the rest are okay.

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