Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pictures of the Last Two Hand Cranks

 This is the one I call the "globes" because of the decal below.  I have no idea who made this machine.  There is no badge on the pillar, and I can't make out a name.  As you can see, there is considerable damage to the paint on the bed.
 It is really hard to get a good picture of it.
 Here's a shot of the other decals.  Below, this is the hand crank.
 It could use a new bobbin tire.
And here's the back.
No cover to this machine, sadly.  The shuttle is in it, with one bobbin.  The slide plate is stuck shut.  I'm asking $20.

And now for the chainstitcher.
 I bought this on Ebay many years ago, when I was first collecting.  It looked old and cool.
 I really loved these feet!
 Sadly, several parts are missing, including whatever it had for tensioning.  And it looks like a previous owner spray painted the whole thing black.
Plus, the handle on the wheel is cracked and loose.
Maybe you'd like a nice doorstop?  Or you could clean her up and put her on a shelf.  The price is right (free!).
Now that's enough about the hand cranks!  Back to sewing!

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