Saturday, February 4, 2023

Little Pink Houses

 Welcome to Treadlestitches!

It's Pink month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so I'm making these fun little houses from novelty print charm squares.  They're not sewn to the background, just laid on there for the photo. Anybody got a song in their head now?

 We've got popsicles, hippos, bunnies, hearts, pigs, and even ants at a picnic.

I think the dancing frogs are my favorites.  Or maybe the Valentine puppy.  I didn't even know I had so many pink prints.

The pattern is called Row Houses, and comes from the book Quilts for Scrap Lovers, by Judy Gauthier.

More pink, and more duckies, this time in flannel!  I did make a pink flannel quilt to donate to the Community Baby Shower, using this adorable duckie fabric from the quilt group silent auction.

This quick pattern Alternate Square from Quilts for Kids was a big help, since I was so short on time.  There are some other easy patterns at their site.  (Note:  Quilts for Kids does NOT accept flannel quilts due to hospital washing requirements.)

Here's the whole thing.  Sorry about the bad lighting.

Isn't it amazing how much thicker flannel quilts get when they're washed?  I snapped this photo, bundled the quilts into a bag, and delivered them to the collection point at a local bank, just hours before the deadline.  All the donations will be given to local charities that work with families in crisis.  Next year I'm going to start sooner (!) and also make some other needed items.

Snicklefritz the cat has been exploring the sewing room closet.  In this photo, he's perched on my quilt tops needing quilting.  I was so surprised the first time he did this, but now it's a regular thing.  If he gets heavier he may come crashing down, but for now he actually takes a nap like this.

With all those UFO quilts in the closet you might be surprised to see me making yet another project.  (Or not, quilters know how it is!)  A goal for this year is using up some of my 5 in. strips and squares.  The house block uses dark fabrics, and this new block uses light squares as the centers of modified Happy Blocks.  (I've always loved these cheeky bunnies, btw.)

The centers are 5 in. squares cut, and the surrounding strips are cut 2 in. wide.  The blocks finish at 7.5 in.  So far I have 8 of the pink blocks.

I don't know if you can see it, but the center most cupcake says "my little cupcake" on it.  Aww.

Dark blue ones for January had to be made, to catch this RSC project up.

And here's more dark blue!  It's our Buddy, wearing his wrestling tournament shirt and that crazy haircut.  The whole team has their hair like this.  His mom is looking forward to his regular hair when wrestling season is over. 

No photos of Little Guy this week.  He had another head cold, and was not very photogenic.  I think we should buy stock in Kleenex.  He was feeling okay most of the time, though.

I hope you're feeling well and happy this week, and every week!  

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  1. The little houses are so cute in novelty pinks!

  2. Super cute little PINK houses, Sylvia!! Have fun stitching your other blocks. Congrats on that sweet PINK quilt finish, too!

  3. That photo of Snicklefritz just made me laugh! How does he get there, into the hangars like that?! I love the little house blocks - what a great way to use up charm squares. I'll have to remember that. Fun happy blocks, too, Sylvia!

    1. Thanks, Diann! I have a small shelf unit in the closet that he jumps on and then jumps to the hangers. He especially likes it if that side of the closet is closed. The things cats get up to!

  4. Those pink houses are so cute! Pretty other projects too. LOL on Snicklefritz! After all, he's a cat! :) He looks like our Tokkis.

    1. Thanks, Astrid! This is our first time with a tuxedo cat. Most of our others have been tabbies.

  5. Such a lot of pink lovliness! Great picture of your little cat. xx

    1. Thanks, Lin! Snicklefritz really lives up to his name.

  6. The little pink houses are so cute! Snicklefritz - what a character. His perch doesn’t look comfortable, but if he’s napping there, it must be.

    Michelle - My Bijou Life

  7. Such happy fabrics in the houses. That Snicklefritz is a hoot! That is one of the oddest places of seen a cat settle. The haircut that Buddy is sporting is the same as my grandson's. Truly not my favorite either. I'm in your daughter's corner on that one! Haha!

  8. Snicklefritz is a character! Of course, that location would be the BEST place to nap! Loved the cheeky bunnies fabric! What great blocks you are making!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  9. You have done a fabulous job with fussy cutting your houses. I love that you have someone "visiting" most houses. Oh that cat. I'm amazed he could get up there easily.


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