Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fly Away Home

OMG, the top is done!  My twin-sized Fly Away Home blocks are all sewn together.  This was my goal for May.  The blocks were made as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2018.
Here it is, laid out on the floor.  I just couldn't seem to keep the cat and dog away from it this morning.
Both of them had to get into the act!
By the way, the pattern is by Kate Henderson, and is from her book Strip Savvy.  I made more blocks so it would fit on a twin bed, or just be a good cover for a child. 
The original quilt in Kate's book doesn't have a border, just a binding, and that's what I'm going to do as well.  I'll want a color that will stand out and define the quilt edge.  Maybe dark blue or red or purple.
I also need to figure out how I'm going to quilt it.

In other news, we went to a big flea market last Sunday.  This one marks the beginning of flea market season around here, and although rain was predicted, we decided to go for it.  Our luck was in, and it didn't rain at all.
I bought this bundle of fabric for $5.  Want to see what's inside?
Everything!  Bright stuff, old stuff, vintage stuff, even cut up old clothes.  Some will go to Goodwill, some to a friend, but most to my bins.
The same vendor had this bundle for $8.  With Kaffe Fassett fabric right on top!  So of course I bought it too.
There were some big pieces of good cottons here, plus vintage scraps, flannel, etc. 
Both of these bundles had fabrics dating from the 1880s to today.
How could I pass them up?
I didn't buy any quilts, but I did take this picture of an old quilt, now relegated to use as packing material.  Can you see all the tiny triangles?  An amazing amount of work.

I bought our first fresh asparagus of the year from one of the vendors.  I got enough for eight meals for the two of us.  Seven are blanched and in the freezer, and one was a lovely treat for dinner.
In other news, the garden is coming along.  Little Buddy helped me plant potatoes in the larger pots, and we got basil and tomatoes from the garden store.
It looks like a good year ahead for the raspberries, both red and black.  I can hardly wait.
Every time we go outside, Little Buddy wants to check on the rhubarb.  We'll probably cut it on Tuesday, when he's here next.  Rhubarb pies (and cakes) are on the way!

I've got lots of goals for this long weekend--setting up a raised garden bed, sorting through my antique quilts, cleaning out the linen closet, etc.  Actually reaching a goal, like this quilt top, gives me more energy for attacking other chores.  So thanks again, Patty at Elm Street Quilts, for the OMG!

This week, I'm wishing all Americans a Happy Memorial Day.   Remembering those who sacrificed for us is appropriate every day of the year, for everyone.
This is my great-great-great grandfather, Lewis Beck.  He fought for the Union in the Civil War.
Thank you, Grandpa Beck!
And thanks to all who served and serve.


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  1. The top is great - very colorful in just the right mix. The fabric find is such a great treasure. and gardening always makes it happy.

  2. What a cheerful quilt! The bright colors are super. Congratulations on the flea market bargains! Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt top! I really like the pattern!

    1. Thanks, Diann! The young designer is very talented.

  4. I love your quilt top! So vivid and the colors are totally popping out of there! Just perfect. Nice meeting you!

  5. Beautiful quilt, fab flea market finds, and lovely garden pictures. Thanks for sharing it ALL!

  6. Fly Away Home looks great! So bright and cheerful. And you got such great bargains at the flea market. When I was growing up, we called them "swap meets."

    1. Thanks, Louise! I'm wondering if these are regional expressions. Around here it's always flea market (for a big one) and rummage sale for a house or a neighborhood. Any way you say it, it's a chance for bargains. Count me in!

  7. Your Fly Away Home quilt is fabulous! Great job!

  8. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt top, Sylvia. Fly Away Home is such a cheerful quilt. Super sweet fabric score at the flea market!! SEW sad to see the Ocean Waves quilt being used for packing material. :o((

    1. Thanks, Joyful! Poor old quilts, they just get no respect. I think this one had a hard life.

  9. Your quilt top is so bright and colorful. I love it. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I always look forward to catching up with whatever clever thing you're doing with scraps.

  10. Very lovely quilt! Congrats on your finish! It was interesting to read that they used that lovely many-triangled quilt for packing fabric. Plus, sold those Kaffe Fasset fabrics and others for such a low price!

    1. Thanks, Danette! I always see antique quilts used for packing at flea markets. Many of them are in terrible shape, but you can sometimes see how wonderful they once were.

  11. Love this! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

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