Saturday, October 1, 2022

Buddy's Quilt, RSC blocks, and a Souvenir

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Why is my Buddy so happy today?

Because his grandma (me) finished sewing this quilt he designed for his little brother!

I posted this picture back in July, when he was first laying out the quilt.  All the squares came from my box of pre-cut charm squares.  His little brother, our Little Guy, is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, so those pieces got used first.

Buddy wanted the quilt to be, as he put it, big enough for the two of them to snuggle under.  So I convinced him to add more squares to the rows, and it grew to roughly a lap quilt size.

It's almost like an I Spy quilt, except that many fabrics have at least one repeat.  There is certainly a lot to look at!

I tried to be a good collaborator on this project and respect his ideas for design.  He wanted the top and bottom borders to be the yellow Thomas print, and the sides to be the blue Christmas one (even though we had enough of either for the whole border) so that's what I did.

He even chose this dinosaur print for the back.

I did pick the green fabric to make the back wider, and the red polka dot binding.  Plus the very simple quilting.

I guess it isn't totally finished, though.  The label still has to go on, probably this evening.  It will say:

Designed by [Buddy's real name], age 6, for his brother [Little Guy's real name], age 2.  Sewn by their grandmother Sylvia Adair.[date] [place].

I hope they have many happy years of snuggling.

In other news, it's a new month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and our color is light green.

I don't have enough green scraps for two months (I need to fix that!), but I did start another Little Bricks quilt, so I've made one block in green and another in baby blue for last month ...

plus this orange one with pumpkin print just because it's October.  (Oops, loose thread!)  The free pattern can be found HERE.

Last week, I mentioned my trip to the New Jersey shore for a family reunion (no, not THAT Jersey shore!)  Mom and I had a wonderful trip, meeting/reconnecting with all our cousins and just enjoying the area.

This is my favorite souvenir--a book of quilts!  It was compiled by a volunteer at the Somers Point Historical Society.

There are full color photos of all the quilts, plus whatever history of them is known.  None of these appear to be directly connected to my own family, but we are distantly related to many other area families whose quilts are pictured.  Honestly, it doesn't matter who made them, I just never get enough antique quilts!

I always appreciate signs with a sense of humor.  This one at our hotel read: 

"Please Do Not Feed the Seagulls.  No matter what they say."

It's good advice.  Even if it makes them grumpy.

I hope you have a very non-grumpy week, doing what you love to do.  

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  1. That's a fun quilt, Sylvia - perfect for those sweet brothers! You were a wonderful grandma to make it to exact specifications. Love the seagull sign, and the book of quilts you brought home. Sounds like a great trip!

  2. Owo Happy quilt, Sylvia! Sure the 2 boys will have many happy years of snuggling. Gladto hear you have a great trip and enjoyed some time with your mom and family.

    1. Thanks, Ivani! After the last two years, it was so good to go places and meet people again.

  3. Love it when I see a kid enjoying their finished quilt. Woohoo! They just KNOW it's made with love. Glad you had a wonderful trip. ~~Kathy S.

  4. Goodness me, a quilt designer in the family, how wonderful. Love those new little bricks blocks.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! It was fun watching him decide which square to put next.

  5. Buddy is already a great designer, following his own path and not bothered by esthetic. Love IT!! I'm sure they will put a lot of mileage on this one. Tchoo Tchoo! ;^)

    1. Thanks, Chantal! It was hard to hold back and not give him my opinions, but I did want it to be his design.

  6. I used to have a little buddy that absolutely adored Thomas the Tank Engine...he's 18 now and moved on to other interests, LOL. This is a wonderful project...what memories the making of it has made! Thanks for sharing the background bits.

    1. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? I must admit to being a little tired of the Thomas theme song, but I know he'll move on to something else eventually.

  7. My heart just danced reading about the layout/design Buddy did for his brother! What a special quilt! What an extra special grandma you are to make it happen!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

    1. Thank you, Terry, you are very kind. I'm lucky to get to be with them.

  8. Congratulations on Buddy's fabulous quilt finish!! Little Buddy is going to love it!!!

    1. Thanks, Joyful! He wants me to show it to my quilt group this month. After that, they can take it home and love it to shreds!


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