Friday, September 29, 2023

Another Gum Wrapper Twist Quilt, Aqua, and Fall

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Preschool is a wonderful thing.  Kids learn and grow so much, and full-time babysitting grandmas like me get some mornings free.  Guess what I do with my free time?  Quilting, of course!  I finally got this little quilt done this week. 

This is the second quilt I've made in this pattern.  The block was designed by the very creative and generous Preeti Harris of, and was the pattern for the 2022 Positivity Quilt. I believe it was called the Twist quilt.

Using Preeti's directions, two identical blocks are made at the same time.  To me, the blocks look like the gum wrapper paper chains kids made back in the olden days when I was young.  So I call the block Gum Wrapper Twist.

(I've created a monster!  I can't lay a quilt down without Mr. Snicklefritz lying on it!)

 Here's the first quilt, finished in February for the Hands 2 Help quilt drive.

Back in February, I made 50 of these blocks.  Half went into the quilt above, and half went into the "some assembly required" box.   I got the second set out and finished them this week, setting the colors differently this time.

Preeti's directions are no longer available.  Click HERE for my very brief summary of the directions.  (You will have to scroll way down the page, sorry.)  There are other ways to make the block, of course, but they don't make two at a time. 

 Edit:  Click HERE for Preeti's quilt and a visual overview of how she made her blocks (not exactly a tutorial, but experienced quilters will get the idea).

 The multicolored border came from the museum sale last June, and the blue binding came from the loot I brought home from the Great Wisconsin Quilt show.  (And yes, that's Snicky's tail, he didn't want to get off the quilt.)

The back of the new quilt is this colorful arrows print.  It also came from the museum sale.  I really do use the fabric I buy, it just takes a while.  It's fun to figure out what I can use from what I already have.

The quilting is a 2 in. grid, with two rows of serpentine stitch in the border.

Time for a new project, don't you think?  These are my pieces for a Crossroads quilt, designed by Judy Gauthier and featured in her first book Quilts for Scrap Lovers.

These two Crossroads blocks are made of bluish aqua prints, in honor of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month for September.  It's an easy block to cut and sew, but harder to make it come out perfectly.  (I'm not really there yet.)

I've been making Happy Blocks all year for the RSC, and today I got them out and divided them into 3 baby-sized quilts.  I needed 7 more blocks to come out right, so I cut them out and they're ready to sew.  Three of the blocks I need are aqua, so on theme for the RSC. This year's blocks have light novelty print centers. 
Fall is definitely happening here.  Last Sunday hubby and I went to one of the last local flea markets of the year.  I was tempted buy the quilt on top, which has some very old fabrics in it, but only bought a few fabric scraps and some yummy produce.  We enjoy just walking and looking.

Our wonderful library is getting ready for Halloween.  My Little Guy looks like he's ready, too, but that's not his costume, just his dinosaur raincoat.  He needed it most of this week.  Some days it really bucketed down.

Yesterday Little Guy and I took a short walk into the park, even though it was lightly sprinkling.  Lots of the maple trees are changing from green to red and yellow and orange.  Fall is beautiful here.  The weather folks are predicting a warm dry weekend.

I hope the weather is good where you are, and that you have time to do the things you love.  Like quilting!

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  1. That Gum Wrapper Twist quilt is so bright and happy, Sylvia! I love seeing what you're doing each week with your pretty fabric. Those Crossroads blocks are going to make a fun quilt, too. Looks like fall is definitely beautiful where you live!

    1. Thanks, Diann! I do like fall here. Winter however is another story. It would be okay if it weren't so long!

  2. Today was a visual feast of color - nice

  3. I love seeing your bright and cheery quilts.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I started out making them to cheer up kids in need. Now they're cheering me up too!

  4. Leaves are just beginning to turn here. Up in the "high country" it's prettier. It feels like FALL for sure. I love that Gum Wrapper Twist block, or Garlic Knots or whatever? And you are the queen of brights and novelties working hand in hand to make fantastic quilts. Now if I could just sort through the totes and boxes and get some pieces cut......oh, bother, I'll just sit here and read more blog posts!!! LOL

    1. Quilt blogs are fun! There is so much inspiration. Some of it is "dangerous"--I might start yet another project!

  5. Gum Wrapper Twist is so colorful and cheerful. You always have the sweetest quilts . Little Guy is adorable in his dinosaur raincoat. It is so nice to hear that you received some rain. It certainly is looking like fall in your neck of the woods. Happy quilting.

    1. Thanks, Melisa! The rain has been too much of a good thing lately. I wish I could share it with my mom in Oklahoma, they never seem to get enough.

  6. The Gum Wrapper quilt is great. Lovely bright colours. You certainly know how to put those bright novelties together.

  7. This is a lovely Rainbow Happy post. So many beautiful fabrics; my eyes and my heart are contented. Congrats on finishing the second Gum Wrapper Twist. Awesome quilt! If Snicklefritz's a monster so is my cat. He has to test it, he says, to make sure it is worthy of a human. If the answer is yes, he keeps it for himself, lol. Enjoy the next project. I'm sure you'll get better at assembling the block. ;^)

    1. Thanks, Chantal! So that's what Snicky is doing, testing the quilt! I should thank him for being such a good helper. Thanks for the encouragement, I am getting better at sewing those blocks now that I am almost done!


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